It is all about the CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Prospective clients interviewing me to be the photography studio for their wedding or Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah will sometimes ask “what do you feel sets you apart from other photographers?”

I never need to hesitate to answer that question because I know – 100% – it is all about the customer service!  I tell potential clients that in all honesty, there are lots of good photographers out there.  There are plenty that are artistic and have a good eye and know what they are doing and do a good job of capturing the event.  But I also know that many of those photographers aren’t even close to what we provide in the way of your overall experience.

Before starting my own event photography company, I worked in sales and customer service for an independent record label in NYC called Putumayo World Music.  I worked there for over 15 years straight out of college and learned a ton.  What I learned the most, was that people want to be treated with kindness and respect and feel a friendly connection.

That is why when one of my associate photographers or myself go home from shooting a wedding or Mitzvah, I cherish feeling that we were another one of the guests at the party.  Sometimes we go away feeling like we are a part of the family!

Capturing the moments is certainly important.  But capturing the moments while everyone around you is comfortable with you and likes the way you work and appreciates your smile and demeanor – is why we get an A+!

And it also goes beyond the day of the event.  Because unlike every other vendor you work with for your wedding or Mitzvah party who go home after the event and you never need to work with again for that particular day – with us you will be in touch quite a bit.  Especially when it comes time to design your album.  And I pride myself on the fact that I return emails or calls within a day – often times within the hour!

Don’t even get me started on the horror stories I’ve heard about first hand.  So be sure that you not only like the photographic style of the photographer you are going to go with for your big day – but just as importantly that you connect with them and get a good feel for the way they will be working with you the day of and in the days/weeks/months that follow.

-Chad David Kraus
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